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Why Cities Look the Way They Do, with Richard J. Williams and Timandra Harkness

Not to boast, but we think we live in one of the most visually stunning cities in the world
(made even more so by the super cute drawings currently in our windows, obviously). So
you can only imagine how quickly we devoured Richard J. Williams’ Why Cities Look the Way
They Do
, an engrossing and thought-provoking consideration of urban areas and their aesthetic roots. We were lucky enough to have Richard visit us for an equally thought-provoking talk as part of our Book Fringe programme, in conversation with Timandra Harkness and our very own bookseller David Bloomfield for a discussion about cityscapes, modernity, and the power of visual expression.

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Welcome to Book Fringe!

August is upon us once again and with it the return of Book Fringe! We’re extremely excited about this year’s Fringe, and we’re sure that our lineup will have you racing to both Lighthouse Book and Golden Hare Books for these completely free events! And with no tickets, there’s no need to book!

But who can we expect at the Book Fringe, you say? Well, you can sign up to our newsletter to get updates through the month! Additionally, you can check out our fab new website here! In the meantime, we’ll give you some of our highlights for the opening portion of the Fringe…

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